About Us

For many years, our family has been passionate about offering authentic and excellent quality Mexican food.

 Azul Tequila is a dream come true for us. We are proud to bring back some of Mexico’s culinary secrets and reintroduce it here among our several locations and our stellar menu.

 Every corner of the restaurant is meticulously designed with memorability and coziness in mind. It’s a place where people can have the full experience of Mexican culture, and we’re always looking for ways to make it even better!

Common Questions
Where does the name come from?

Our family hails from Jalisco, Mexico – the traditional land of tequila.

 The plant that produces this drink is called Agave, which is a plant that looks like aloe vera. However, it displays a very distinct and beautiful shade of blue. The fields of Jalisco are full of agave, painting the landscape in a way that locals refer to as “azul como de tequila” or “Blue like Tequila”.

We always want to remember where we come from. The name Azul Tequila acts as an anchor to our roots, as well as the standard our restaurants abide by.

What is the inspiration for your dishes?

Mexican culture has an unwavering attachment to family ties. Consequently, each dish is a tribute to our grandparents, our uncles, and our family today.

 Each ingredient represents who we are, who we have been, and who we will be. This attitude towards time allows us the discipline necessary to carefully prepare every ingredient that goes into every dish.

Our mission

We are ambassadors and representatives of true and authentic Mexican food, as it is linked to our home province – Jalisco. It is our wish that every visitor to our restaurants will come away with a new understanding of our culture and the food that helped define it.

Our staff

Our Staff is committed to our mission. As a result, we always want to offer a sense of warmth and kindness that you would expect of your own family or loved ones.

Furthermore, our hope is that you will feel as if you just came home when you step inside. We are constantly training our staff to improve upon that goal, day by day.

Our design

Our restaurant’s decor has a rich history. When we first started Azul Tequila, we knew that we wanted our clients to have a complete experience of Mexico from the moment they enter until the moment they leave. To do this, we went to Jalisco to study their agricultural and interior design.

Furthermore, we combine additional styles associated with other regions of the Mexican Republic, such as Puebla and Guanajuato. We put all this effort into our restaurant, because this is not just a business to us – this is our family, the Cortés family.